About Residence Life

The Office of Housing & Residence Life is responsible for supporting students while they live in the residence halls at Mercer. We believe the learning which occurs outside of the classroom can often be as valuable as learning which takes place in an academic setting. Experiences outside the classroom include developing close relationships with diverse individuals, enhancing leadership skills, and assuming personal responsibility.

Our residence halls are staffed by highly talented and trained Resident Assistants who live on each floor and work diligently to build community and support students in all aspects of their college lives.

Currently Mercer University provides University housing for students on the Macon & Atlanta campuses only

Housing and Residence Life Mission

The Office of Housing & Residence Life seeks to provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment that contributes to the personal and academic growth of each residential student.

Housing and Residence Life Vision

The Office of Housing and Residence Life will teach students fundamental principles of respect, responsibility, and good citizenship.  Housing and Residence Life will promote the rights and responsibilities of the community.  All students who live in the Mercer’s Housing and Residence Life community will respect individual differences, and strive to understand others.  The office will treat students as responsible autonomous adults.  Housing and Residence Life will value student input, and make decisions with a student centered focus.