Frequently Asked Questions


How do I complete a Lease for the University Apartments?
The leasing process is a self-assignment process.  The lease agreement is for the entire academic year and is accessible through MyMercer.  For those completing lease agreements in the spring, the lease will be for spring only, however, there is an opportunity for renewal, if needed

  • Login to MyMercer
  • Select Atlanta Housing
  • Click on Lease Agreements (Apply/Retain/Renew)
  • Select the appropriate academic year or semester lease

Fall semester incoming students can complete a lease agreement for the University Apartments starting March 1st.  The spring semester leasing period begins every year on October 15th.


How do I complete a lease for the Lofts at Mercer Atlanta?
The Lofts at Mercer Atlanta are independently operated by the Sierra Development Group. For leasing information, contact the Lofts at Mercer Atlanta directly.

What is Self-assignment?
The self-assignment leasing process is the actual selection of the specific building, apartment, and room the resident desires to reside in.  During the self-assignment process, University Apartment residents have the unique ability to see building floor plans and select the exact accommodations from availability.  Additionally, potential roommate information is provided to aid in selecting compatibility.

Is there a deadline to apply for the University Apartments?
There are no deadlines to lease.  However, spaces and specific room types are limited.  Availability will depend on how soon the student completes the leasing agreement.  Housing and Residence Life encourages students to apply early through MyMercer.

How much does housing cost? 
Room rates vary depending on the room type.  View the current Rates.

Does living on campus include a meal plan? 
No.  Meal plans are a separate charge and can be purchased through Auxiliary Services

Is there a payment plan for University Apartment rates?
Yes.  All payments are processed with the Office of the Bursar.  You can enroll in the Mercer University Payment Plan via MyMercer or by calling 678.547.6121.  

Can financial aid pay for the University Apartments?
Yes, financial aid can be used to cover the cost of the University Apartments, contact Financial Planning for more information. 

2023 Fall move-in/check-in
The following are the dates and times the Housing and Residence Life office (Building 2902- Rm 126) will be open for the official fall, please plan accordingly.  Selection of move-in and check-in times is available during the pre-arrival/pre-opening process.

Thursday, August 17th, 10 am - 2 pm

Friday, August 18th, 10 am - 2 pm

Last Day Saturday, August 19th, 10 am - 2 pm

During the prearrival students can request early move-in, however, it is not guaranteed.

2024 Spring move-in

The dates and times are below.

  • Friday, January 5th - Sunday, January 7th, 10 am - 6 pm

Can I reside on campus with my spouse?
Those individuals directly affiliated with Mercer may reside in on-campus accommodations, this means both persons looking to reside on-campus have to be faculty, staff, or student.   

Does Mercer University allow pets?
In addition to small fish in a small fish tank (less than 10 gallons), the University permits Service/Therapy Animals only, which must be approved by ACCESS and Accommodations before move-in.  We strongly suggest before completing a lease contract agreement contact ACCESS and Accommodations.  There is no deposit for approved animals.
Are the apartments furnished?
Yes, the apartments are completely furnished.

Virtual tour - Two-bedroom              Virtual tour - Four-bedroom

Bedroom: bed (single, 80" long twin), drawer chest, desk, and desk chair
Living room:  sofa, end table, coffee table, and a small bookshelf 
Kitchen: refrigerator w/ icemaker, stove, dishwasher, microwave, garbage disposal & countertop bar
Bathroom: Shower/tub combination or shower only in handicapped designated spaces

When can I move in for the academic year?
Typically, the University Apartments open the weekend before classes are scheduled to start.  Move-in dates change and are published on MyMercer and emailed upon completion of the lease agreement. Early arrival requests should be submitted during the Pre-arrival process.

When does my lease agreement end?
All leases end in May, 24 hours after your last final or progressive examination.

How do I renew my lease for the next academic year and summer?
The Retention and Renewal process allows students to resign their lease agreement, either for the same unit or a different unit.  On the first day, Retention, residents will be able to retain their current unit, on the second day, Renewal, residents will be able to select any unit not claimed during Retention, including but not limited to one-bedroom units and their current unit.  Not securing your unit on Retention day will allow other residents to acquire the space on the Renewal day.  Students who desire to remain in the summer must have a summer enrollment to be eligible.

If I retain or renew for a summer extension in the same unit, do I have to move out?
NO!  A summer extension for the same or different unit makes the lease continuous.  If a lease was completed for a different space, you will remain in the current space until you are notified that the new space has become available.  Enrollment is required for summer housing.

Do I have to lease for an academic year if I graduate in the fall?
Yes.  However, once confirmation of graduation is received from the Office of the Registrar, the spring lease will dissolve.

How do I cancel my lease agreement?
The deadline to cancel without acquiring a penalty for returning residents is May 1st.  The deadline to cancel for incoming students is June 1st, incoming for spring is November 1st.  All cancellations must be submitted through MyMercer.  Cancellations after the deadline are subject to the Lease Buy-out*.

Does the University Apartments close during Christmas break or other Holidays?
NO. Although the University observes several Holidays throughout the year and closes, the University Apartments do not close for Christmas or any other holiday break.  All Holiday breaks can be found on the academic calendar.  Residents are not required to vacate unless the lease has ended, during which the resident is graduating, withdrawing, dismissed, etc., or not attending classes for the next semester. 

Whom do I contact when the Housing and Residence Life office is closed?
We have several Live-in staff members for your convenience, there are four Graduate Resident Assistants (GRAs) who reside in the University Apartments that can assist when the Residence Life office is closed.  For emergencies, please contact Mercer Police (MERPO) at 678.547.6911 or for non-emergencies 678-547-5358.

How can I select a specific Roommate?
To complete the lease agreement for both you and a potential roommate, students must know the full name and MUID of their desired roommate.  A Roommate pin must be created via MyMercer and then shared with the roommate that will make the assignment. 

If you do not have a specific roommate, someone will self-assign themselves to an available unit.  You may check for updated roommate information via MyMercer.

Can I change my apartment after completing a lease agreement?
Changes may occur before move-in by submitting a request via MyMercer.  Due to a very limited amount of available units roommate swaps and changes after the official move-in date are conducted two weeks after classes start.   

What is the length of the Lease Agreement?
All lease agreements are for the entire academic year (August-May) expiring twenty-four hours after the last final examination.

Special Housing Needs: If you require special housing needs, please email the Office of Housing and Residence Life. This does not include Access and Accommodation requests. Those requests should be filed directly with the Access and Accommodations Office.

*Lease Buy-Out: Students are obligated to an academic year lease agreement, however, may request a Lease Buy-Out at a rate of up to 75% of the remaining lease balance (through the end of the spring or summer semester).  A student who chooses to buy out their lease is subject to a $100 cancellation fee and all accrued charges (including the Buy-out amount) based on the date of the official check-out/cancellation.  Please note that this Buy-Out option does not impact students who are ending the lease to fulfill academic requirements.