Residence Halls


On-Campus Housing - 2019-2020

Lofts at Mercer - 2018-2019 (2019-2020 coming soon)


  • All 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students are required to live on campus (Lofts at Mercer meet this requirement for upperclassmen). As a result, we do not guarantee housing for 4th or 5th year students.
  • Residence Hall availabilty varies from year to year based on classification and need.  Residence Hall breakdowns  will be determined each year when enrollment numbers are finalized.
  • Bed Lofts are not permitted.
  • Bed rails are furnished upon request.

Traditional Style Buildings 

Traditional style buildings have community baths and are generally double occupancy rooms. Bathrooms are cleaned daily by University Housekeeping Staff.  Follow the links below for details on each building.

Suite Style Buildings

Suite Styltle Buildings consist of two rooms joined by a bathroom OR 2-4 rooms which share a common area and bathroom. Students share responsilbe for cleaning bathrooms and common areas. Follow the links below for details on each building.

Apartments and Greek Housing

Apartments consist of 1-4 rooms with a shared common area, kitchen and bathroom. Greek Village consists of 5 or 10 bedroom houses occupied by Greek organizations. Students share responsible for cleaning all common areas, bathrooms and kitchens.Follow the links below for details on each area.

Lofts at Mercer

Although living at Lofts at Mercer meets the on-campus residency requirement, they are privately owned and managed. Rent is paid directly to the Lofts and will not be placed on Mercer student accounts. Assignments to the Lofts are made through Mercer's central room selection process; however, residents must sign a lease directly with the Lofts.


Lofts at College Hill