Off-Campus Living

Mercer University requires all 1st, 2nd, & 3rd year students to live on campus.

Students who are in their 4th year are not guaranteed campus housing.
This page is intended to serve as an aid in providing students with general information about off-campus housing options.

Mercer University cannot evaluate or endorse off–campus housing options. Any final decision about where to live and the details of the lease are the sole responsibility of the student entering into the renter agreement. 


6 Easy Steps to Finding Off-Campus Housing

Some people cover the cost of living off-campus by finding a job off-campus or even applying for a work study position. Working and being in school requires an immense amount of responsibility and self discipline, so make sure you're prepared .


It's now time to decide just how much you're willing to spend on housing. Most rentals will require a security deposit up front in addition to your rental amount. Keep in mind hidden costs associated with living-off campus; such as, electricity, cable, garbage, gas, internet, laundry and renter’s insurance. 

Your home will be where you go to take a break from your studies and find peace of mind, or at least it should be. Having a roommate that you get along with and respects your space is very important.


The best way to find a good realtor is the old fashioned way, word of mouth. Now is the time to ask around and talk to people who have already lived off-campus.

Some people need their own bathroom, while others don't mind sharing a bathroom with another person or two, so figure out everyone's specifications and begin to look for an apartment that will suit you all.


“What exactly is a lease?” A lease is a legally binding contract between a tenant and a landlord. Leasing terms can vary; from a month-to-month lease to a 10-month or 12-month lease. 

Some landlords may even require a credit check. Make sure you read and are aware of all lease requirements before signing, as a lease can be very difficult to break. Consequences can be financially severe to include loss of security deposit and/or your first month’s rent. 


How do I ensure the apartment I find is safe?

The key to finding safe off-campus housing is to ask questions, such as:

· Ask current residents and neighbors, do you feel safe living here?
· How far away is the nearest emergency assistance?
· Who has access to master keys?
· Does the apartment complex provide any security?
· Does the front door have a deadbolt?
· Does the front door have a peephole?
· Are there well-lit areas surrounding the building, particularly in parking lots?
· Do all windows have working locks?
· Are there fire extinguishers available in each apartment?
· Are there a sufficient number of working smoke detectors in the living space
If you want to know more about the apartments location, request a crime report of the area from local police.  More resources available at:


Other Helpful Resources:

Website'sRent.comApartment,, ZillowNew Town Macon,, or any other popular rent-posting website's. Use Mercer's Zip-Code, 31207, to find the closet apartments to campus!

Other Students: Reach out to people in your program or those who already live off campus! They can give you resources about how they found their apartment, if they are looking to fill an open space, a landlord recommendation, and more!

E-mail Shop Listserv: It’s just not for faculty/staff to use!  Many faculty and community members list available apartments on here first, so all you need to do is subscribe and wait!

Bulletin Boards: Connell Student Center, Z-Beans, Downtown Restaurants & Shops, ... A commonly used venue for information regarding students seeking roommates or local area residents renting apartments.


These resources are not vetted by the University